We are not here to amuse you, kiss your ass or shower you with compliments. The LA Creative School is here to turn what you think is conceptually good into better – smart ideas into brilliant and teach you how to fight for greatness.

Be brave and advance your advertising career with us!


Most professional or graduate programs fail students by only teaching them the craft or theory behind the job they want. At LA Creative School, our approach is simple: Teach creative thinkers how to do the creative job they want well, and the creative job they have better. Taught by working, award-winning, creative and strategic thinkers, our courses always focus on giving you the brave strategic ability to take what you’ve learned and apply it to daily business practices.


The LA Creative School offers a cross disciplinary creative curriculum for graduates and working professionals, supported by a strong network of established AWARD-WINNING advertising and entertainment industry experts. We expect our students to leave their preconceived notions at the door in order to cultivate their full potential. At LACS we strive for creative alchemy, the perfect balance of innovation, inspiration and madness. Join us.

Turning Creatives into Thinkers & Thinkers into Creatives. (EST. 2013)

• Cost effective ways to obtain higher education, develop your personal creativity, and obtain a professional portfolio to enter the world of advertising or entertainment

• Ways to develop a creative professional portfolio QUICKER, to enter the workforce faster

• Development that will make you a force to be reckoned with within the global competitive space

• Creative training to sharpen you as an Art Director, Copywriter, Screenwriter, Director, Photographer or Digital Content Creator


At LA Creative School, our Portfolio courses are a yearlong commitment, broken up into 10-week consecutive sessions. But our individual learning tracks run from 1 day to 6 weeks, depending on the workshop. LA Creative School is designed for working professionals, so most of our classes and workshops happen after working hours; starting from 7PM-10PM:

• Advertising Portfolio Development (AD & CW) (Year long commitment)

• Creative Writing (Screen Writing & Copy Writing)

• Digital Marketing

• Directing

• Photography


• Our students

• 4 Pillars of developing brave ideas

• Award-winning instructors

• 25% of class assignments are from real clients/brands

• Create and develop your portfolio faster than in other schools

• Infusing creative strategy with creative concepts

Have a Question ?

Q: “I’m not a creative, I’m a marketing executive; is this for me?”

A: Yes! In the beginning we had mostly Art Directors and Copywriters sharpening their chops, now we have marketing executives that have always wanted to be in the creative department take our courses. So whether you’re a Planner, an Account Executive looking to join the creative department, or looking to take a more creative approach to your job, you’ve come to the right place. We believe everybody has the ability to be creative and that some access their ability more than others. We will teach you how to creatively think about the marketing objective, the target and the strategy.

Q: “Can you tell me more about the curriculum?”

A: Our curriculum is based around executive level training, to train you for the job you want and the job you have. Most schools teach the bare basics of your career path and don’t prepare you for the actual job. Our workshops and courses are designed to turn creatives into thinkers and thinkers into creatives. The workshops are designed to give you ongoing executive training to sharpen your tools and your value. The Portfolio courses are designed as one-year courses, 1 day a week via 10-week sessions. The Portfolio courses have 2 waves (Beginners and Advanced).

Q: “Are scholarships or other kinds of financial aid available?”

A: Not at the moment… We currently do not offer any financial support. We are working on a program that will provide some financial support moving forward. Please continue to check in with us as we develop a platform and opportunity for financial assistance.

Q: “Can I get a degree?”

A: No. We do not believe in creating a $40,000.00 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The only thing that matters is your portfolio and the work in it. A piece of paper is only good for coming up with brave ideas, and making a bomb ass paper airplane. We are not an under graduate program. We are in fact a professional training facility, to help you become as brave and fearless as you desire.

Q: “What do I need to know for the class? Do I need to know Adobe Creative Suite or any other software?”

A: As a Copywriter, no, you just need to know how to hen peck keyboards. As an Art Director, yes. ALL Art Directors must know how to use the Adobe Suit, but more specifically - Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. Art Directors will be judged on 2 things, conceptual storytelling and conceptual page design/layout.

Q: “Do I need experience to join the program?”

A: This a common question and the quick answer is “no”, you do not need any previous advertising or marketing experience to join any of the workshops and courses.

Q: “How will I know if I’m right for beginners or Advanced and can I skip the Beginners course?”

A: If you are unsure of the level you are, no worries… we got your back. The way to decide if you are a Beginner or Advanced is this… Beginner Level means you’ve never attended an art school or have only 1 or 2 portfolio classes. Advanced Level means you’ve graduated from an art school or have taken more than 3 portfolio classes elsewhere.

Q: “How long would it take to develop a portfolio?”

A: Our Portfolio course is a yearlong program. Portfolios are not built overnight. We must first develop your thinking and then develop your portfolio. Other portfolio schools will take you to the cleaners, while wasting your time and money... and that’s B.S.

Q: Are their employment or job opportunities after I finish my class?

A: YES. YES. YES. We have great connections and industry partners that provide great opportunities like internships and Jr. level positions.

Q: Where is the school located?

A: LA Creative School does not have a permanent physical location. Our classes are held inside of various Ad agencies to give you the opportunity for a sneak preview of what the inside of an agency looks like.

Q: How do online classes work?

A: Our online classes are held once a week through Google Hangout. The class instructor will instruct and critique homework via screen share. Each week you will be challenged to develop and present your brave concepts. As you are partnered with other students to develop ideas, you will have to figure out your own concepting times during the week, to complete each assignment.

Q: What makes us different from other portfolio schools?

A: Our development process is geared toward job readiness. We teach you how to develop ideas versus waiting for you to figure the shit out. By cutting the fat of the education process and keeping the learning process lean & mean; we have cut portfolio development time down by 50% compared to most portfolio schools. All of our instructors are award-winning Creative Directors. We focus on kicking the hell out of fear, to ensure you have a brave and bold portfolio to propel you to the next level.

Q: International student F.A.Q.s?

A: Yes, we accept international students. We are a recreational program and you will need a B-1/B-2 Visa, which will let you attend our school for 6 months at a time.